Support Depave Paradise

How to Help

You can support Depave Paradise now. It’s easy.

  • Check out our “Projects” page to locate your closest Depave Paradise project and donate.
  • Donate below to Depave Paradise via Canada Helps.
  • Call your municipal councilors and demand support for Depave Paradise in your community.

Your contribution will help pay for community engagement, design, project management, site prep, equipment, plants, compost, mulch, volunteer recognition, excavation, pavement cutting and hauling.

It costs between $15,000 and $25,000 to depave a site depending on size and design.

Are you part of a large company or other group that would like to donate? Contact us now to arrange your gift and appropriate recognition.

Do you have a team of volunteers at your workplace or association that want to depave? Contact us now to arrange to participate in a depave work party.

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