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Metres Squared

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“The Depave project is a wonderful opportunity to involve people in making a dramatic change to the streetscape. We have learned so much from this project. The enthusiasm of our coordinator, Laura, spilled out into the whole project – making a dream come true!”

Anne Vallentin
Community Champion, Kenilworth Depave
“I love depave because it brought our community together to do something to help make our neighbourhood even better! As our garden grows, so do the relationships between our students, staff, parents, and community.”

Nanci-Jane Simpson
Principal, Adelaide Hoodless School
“Depave Paradise transforms a space, but it transforms people too – how we think about spaces in our community. Now we feel like anything is possible, and can see spaces to depave everywhere.”

Heather Ray
Peterborough GreenUp
“Depaving is a great way to revitalize a space! It transforms a once grey area into a beautiful spot for humans and pollinators to enjoy. It is also a great way to show how spaces can be reimagined, and used to absorb rainwater and provide habitat.”

Jenn McCallum
Peterborough GreenUp
“I walk as my primary mode of transportation and often find myself in the concrete world. It’s refreshing to have been part of a project that gave me a tangible, meaningful way to create a space that brings beauty and a sense of outdoors to my urban travels.”

Casey Smith
Peterborough GreenUp
“I enjoyed the community cohesion, everyone helping to improve our environment. Depaving improves water drainage, takes some of the burden off the municipal infrastructure and once planted, brings beauty and a sense of pride to our neighbourhood. ”

Erin Shacklette
Kenilworth Depave Planning Committee


Rideau Environmental Action League’s First Depave!

Rideau Environmental Action League’s First Depave!

Depave coordinator, Barb Hicks, from Rideau Environmental Action League (REAL) in Smith's Falls spent her summer months planning the town's first depave! Working in partnership with the township, the team helped to depave a 100m2 section of Daniel st. between the...

Newmarket, ON

Getting ready to depave....

Montreal, QC

Hamilton, ON

A blank canvas!

Hamilton, ON.

Dundas, ON.

Bridgewater, NS.

Dundas, ON.

Hamilton, ON

Hamilton, ON

Winnipeg, MB.

Montreal, QC

Peterborough, ON.

A mulch mountain.

Peterborough, ON

Hamilton, ON

Hamilton, ON

Aurora, ON

Montreal, QC

Green classroom!

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