Dawn Pond, Depave Coordinator at GreenUP speaks to the attendees about the benefits of green space.


This fall saw the official opening of a pocket park in Peterborough, ON, with a small group of locals gathered to learn more about the project. Through collaboration with community members and the downtown BIA, this green space by GreenUP includes 100 square metres of native plants and trees, seating areas and an canoe themed art installation by local indigenous artist Tia Cavanagh. The name of the park was also created by the community: Jiimaan’ndewengadnong (“The Place Where the Heart of the Canoe Beats”) is a beautiful Mizi-Zaagiing Anishinaabeg phrase translated by Elder Mary Taylor and Jack Hoggarth, Cultural Archivist, both from Curve Lake First Nation. The name of the park is fitting for the city, which is also known as Peterborough is known as Nogojiwanong (the Place at the Foot of the Rapids), which is part of the territories of the Michi Saagiig Anishinaabe Peoples. From popular paddling and portage routes, to canoe building, this area is rich with canoe history. Signage in this Depave location includes call in numbers where you can listen to local indigenous history and interviews by elders and artists.

Local artist Tia Cavanagh created the canoe art piece
featured in the pocket park